15+ Finding the Best Lobby Design

The lobby is the foremost part of a hotel. Finding the best lobby design for hotels is probably a difficult thing for owners and designers. Because, here visitors will book a room, interact with the receptionist or meet guests. Here are some tips to find the best lobby design for the hotel.

1. It Must Be Cozy

The hotel lobby must be comfortable. This comfort can obtain from various objects use there. The cozy lobby has a light that is not too glare. But still can use to read clearly.

During the day the amount of incoming light can arrange by a large window. This is very important to keep air and light circulation to the room. So it is not stuffy.

2. Have a Comfortable Sofa Or Chair

Lobby’s purpose is to make it easier for visitors who are waiting for service from the hotel or waiting for pickup. A comfortable seat should available.

Choose the proportional size seat to the lobby room. If the lobby is large, then use a long sofa. But if not, choose a chair for one person with armrest on the right and left so they are comfortable.

3. Receptionist Desk Is Not Too High

The receptionist desk shouldn’t be too high. At least it reachable by 10-year-olds. This anticipates if there are visitors who have various average height. In addition,  the height of the table also makes receptionists easier to serve visitors.

4. The Door Is Easy To Open

The hotel doors usually automatically open when someone wants to enter. If the hotel still uses a manual door, choose an easy-to-open door design. If the door has to be shifted, give information at the door in which direction it should be shifted.

5. There Are Books Or Magazines To Read

Almost all visitors will wait for guests or pickup in the hotel lobby. So, the hotel needs to provide entertainment in there. For example television, tablets, magazines, or newspapers.

Even all visitors usually carry their own gadgets, it will be better and more enjoyable if there is entertainment too.

6. Kids Friendly

Another tip for finding the best lobby design is to provide kids friendly rooms. Because there will be many visitors who come with children.

Even though the room is aesthetic, make sure to secure dangerous or risky items. For example, a large statue or urn display, secure it with adhesive or a barrier so that children cannot touch it.

If necessary, provide a separate play area near the hotel lobby. So that children are free to play while waiting.

7. Have Food And Drink Booth

Usually, when a hotel visitor will check in, there is a welcome drink. It would be better if the lobby providing food and drink booth.

This shows that the hotel wants to give maximum service for every visitor who comes.

Finding the best lobby design for hotels is not only about interior design things. This is more directed at the completeness of the lobby to please guests. The best lobby design for the hotel is visitor friendly and can make them comfortable.