Beautiful and Creative Sofa-Less Living Room

Do you have a small living room where you cannot install an armchair or a sofa? Today, even in large houses, living rooms are getting smaller and smaller. Most of these units designed in such a way that they have doors, windows or TVs on all four sides, which makes the overall sofa space much smaller. Or maybe you want a small house interior design with open space. However, this idea makes it difficult to place more objects, with the back of the chair almost always facing larger objects or furniture. The question is, do you have to have a chair in your living room, and is there no other way? The good news is that there are no interior design rules that require a living room to sit. The following tips show how to decorate a living room sofa-less so that the piece of furniture still functions essentially, aesthetically and visually.

Seat Cushion

The living room design without chairs can also used on the floor. Carpet with avant-garde handle that allows you to place as many cushions of as many colors as you want. You can easily move the table and all the cushions outside to create outdoor space.

Oriental Approach

Of course, in Japanese tatami mat culture, there is a strong precedent for the floor or backing. If you prefer an open space that not tied to a lot of furniture, you will prefer to sit on the floor instead of decorating your living room without chairs. You can complete the living room by removing the chairs and adding Japanese chairs to the floor. Consider a Japanese floor sofa and add throw pillows and small shelves to create a cozier feel.

Foam Pad

Inspired by the small chair in the Moroccan Bedouin tent, it can transformed into a living room. In addition to floor pillows and chairs, foam, floor sofas and a variety of ottomans can used to replace chairs or sofas. When not in use, foam and pillows can be placed in a container. Here is an example of a floor chair that feels lighter than a regular chair. If you don’t like bright colors, there are many fabric color options you can think of.


Another secret to decorating a living room without a chair is the sunken style, which features a built-in seat by adding a foam pad and pillows for backrest. You and your guests can sit and chat in a beautiful and inviting location.


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