The Secret of A Small House to Make It Spacious

People who live in densely populated urban areas experience the same problem about housing. Most of these problems are caused by buying or building a small house on a family budget. Buying or building a small house is not a real problem. Especially for young people who have just started a family or who live alone, having a small house with a small space will not be a problem. After all, since the capacity of the room is very small, a small house can look spacious as long as the owner carefully knows how to fit into the interior in the small house.

To address the small house problem, we have some ideas to make the space more attractive and spacious.

Bright Colors for Walls

You may have heard or read how much gloss paint can make a small room or a house look bigger and airier. This classic method works well. Architecture and interior design experts recommend using white and other bright colors for a small room or house. Bright colors make the small house airy, fresh and bright. If you paint a dark room, the little house will be more beautiful, but the little house will be smaller. Do not think about light, dark colors absorb light and therefore the house seems dim.

Put Furniture Away from Wall

It has become a habit for most people in arranging furniture, sliding furniture against the walls of the house has been believed to be a method to provide spacious space for a small house. This assumption is completely incorrect. If you have a small chair in your small living room, pull the chair slightly away from the wall so it has time to breathe, letting the chair cast its shadow when the light enters. Shadows create the illusion of the perception of a large room in a small house.

Use Mirror on The Wall

If you are visiting a restaurant or store with a small room, look around the walls of the room. The store owner placed mirror around the room to create the atmosphere of a large room. This mirror can be used even in a small house. Hang a few mirrors side by side in a small room. By creating a mirror frame in a modern color, it spruces up the decor, giving the impression of a larger room.

Multifunctional Furniture Maybe The Answer

Placing small utensils and tables in a small space in a small house will make the small house feel cluttered. Don’t want to give the et more space that can used as a chest of drawers or wardrobe? Now there are many multi-functional furniture in the market with different price points. We can save space in the small house we live in by using more furniture. If your bedroom cramped and you need extra space to store your mirrores, buy a bed with drawers under the bed that can double as storage. There are desk chairs with storage. For example, a student desk, but you can expand a small house by using the storage capacity.

TV Wall Set

If your family room in a small house is cramped, don’t hesitate to put your appliances on the wall. Mount your TV on the wall or place your DVD player, game console or speaker on the wall to free up floor space.

Stripes Floor Pattern

Stripes or vertical stripes make you look taller, and horizontal stripes make you look taller. Use illusion optics for your small house. If the room is larger, use a vertical rug or floor paint to give the room a longer, more repeatable stay.

Large Windows and Curtains

Large windows allow the use of sunlight in the rooms of a small house. It will transform the idea of ​​a small house into one that is wide, bright and open. With the help of large rugs and carpets, the ceilings seem more spacious, and a small house seems wider vertically.

Remove the door

At that time, the meaning of the door was not the door of the house that led to the terrace, but the door that separated the rooms. If the family room and dining room separated by a door, the door can removed and replaced with a separate room. Decorate and decorate with frames and drawings so that the base does not seem too tight. You can use the empty space as a shelf by hanging a wooden shelf on the wall.


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