10 Recommended Home Interior Design for Millennials

Buying a home should provide protection from the elements of heat and rain. But nowadays, comfort and beauty are also in order. This comfort and beauty seen by choosing an interior design that fits the size of your home. Thousands of years now buy houses and remember to take care of the beauty of interior design. If millennials have more money to hire the services of an interior designer, the problem of deciding the interior design of their home will be easier. But what if you don’t want to use the services of an interior designer? You can use your own home interior design key points that you want to relax and use.


Scandinavian uses soft pastel colors, light brown tones, white walls, medium color palette and bright color accents on both sides are the same. This home interior design appreciated by millennials and those who love aesthetics without a lot of details and decorations. dense with Scandinavian interior design, popular in Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Scandinavian interiors also influenced by the characteristics of Scandinavians who prefer natural or natural weather. The interior is also very environmentally friendly.


The modern interior design allows living with minimal open space. Modern interior design also has the idea of ​​using modern furniture and minimalist but very elegant decorative elements. Moreover, the concept also designed with designs that can catch light, creating an atmosphere close to the stage. One of the hallmarks of modern interior design is the “Less is More” concept, as all elements go back to basics and create peace and happiness for residents.


The interior design of the vintage house often interferes with women because they are beautiful and sweet. The interior design of this vintage house dominated by soft colors such as white, light green, light gray, pastel red and light yellow. As a motif, this interior design dominated by small flowers used for pillows or chair covers. For example, used furniture usually used to decorate vintage living rooms usually using slightly removed wood to keep it the same.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic creates a soft, feminine vibe that sets it apart from any other vintage style. Not surprisingly, fans of these models are usually women. This style is a special type of romantic decoration. Shabby Chic interior design using antique furniture and feminine interior accessories. This style was first developed in England and renewed the type of decoration commonly found in the country, often using old chairs, old rugs and colors. The result of Shabby Chic design is total charm. Recycling old furniture and old fabrics is an important part of this genre. The interior of Shabby Chic itself considered art.


The bohemian or boho style was born out of conflict and uncertainty. Everything designed spontaneously and using all available equipment. However, there are special features of the bohemian style. Bohemian style is a colorful mix of ethnic, hippie and vintage styles. It is far from luxurious and expensive. The bohemian style is often associated with objects or furniture that seem cheap. This style also uses modern materials such as utensils, cardboard, bottle caps, paper crafts and other items as home decor items to write and make beautiful and elegant creative products.


Contemporary design style is a new form of modernization that breaks with the norms of traditional design style and not bound by a single design boundary. With so many fine and free renovations, it is not without evidence of modern design in the interiors and architecture. Silk, velvet, linen and wool often used for decoration such as pillows and bedding, while iron and chrome often used for decoration such as lamps, wall hangings and tables.


Commercial models often use skin tones to look masculine. Some materials can be used as raw, such as iron and steel, and deliberately affect their characteristics. The materials used can also finished using recycled materials or materials such as glass, metal and aluminum to create the interior decoration. Lines or roofs are often still visible, some complete and some incomplete. One of the most unique aspects of commercial styling is the brick exterior design. There are also bricks painted in light colors like white or shades of gray. Stone floors are sometimes used to create a good impression.


Minimalist interior design is the most popular interior design for modern people who want a small and simple style for their home. Minimal interior design with neutral colors such as white, gray and black. The furniture used has neat lines like minimalist chairs and tables, and simple shapes like squares and circles. This house with a minimalist interior also does not have many decorations in every corner.


Known as nautical or coastline ambiance, it always reminds us of coastal scenes that can inspire you. Nautical living is often associated with comfort and relaxation. The interior of this style meant to reflect the weather. The interior of the bedroom designed in a simple and relaxing way without too much material and furniture. Bright blue colors combined with white, striped patterns, rattan and canvas fabric can give your house a beautiful seaside look. The house can be different and new with bright details. Beach accents such as seashells, corals and other sea creatures can be an option for millennials who love this type home interior design.


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