Kitchenette Ideas for Small Space

The kitchenette is one of the ultimate option for small space. These solutions typically occur in the studio room where smart organization space is essential. In this case, we can talk about the living room with the kitchenette. Wondering how to create an interior? It’s not as easy as you think. It takes a variety of skills to make the interior work properly. Discover the best kitchenette ideas. Get inspired and bring your design to your home or apartment.

Small kitchenettes – what to include in the design?

The kitchenette is a small space and very demanding to design. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some things for the job. Maximum space without chaos is the most important part of kitchenette design. It may seem daunting at first, but really you just want to see the potential of the wall or interior height.

How to arrange a small kitchenette?

Creating a small kitchenette is a simple but very inspiring task. When designing your interior, choose bright colors and avoid dark tones that can affect the interior. The kitchenette for a small space should work, so the choice is only important.

What is the color palette for the kitchenette?

The small kitchenette can’t be too dark. Avoid colors such as dark blue, black, charcoal gray or brown. They will make the interior smaller. This is probably the opposite of what you want.

You can make the room a little more spacious by choosing light designed colors and using pastel colors, for example. This does not mean that you should choose the color white, the color used by many. Colors like beige or dusty red are similar. It can bring a new design to your interior without too much distraction. Bright colors are the perfect base for the interior. They can be combined with a variety of materials and are suitable for a variety of designs. This gives your design kitchenette multiple ways, allowing you to adapt it to your expectations.

Can a small kitchenette work?

If you decide to design a small kitchenette, you need to make sure that it works well from the very beginning, and only then consider its appearance. A good project for the kitchenette is absolutely necessary. This makes room design less complicated. You need to decide whether your small kitchenette will be a small interior or part of a living room. The latter option is more popular in homes, so you can get more design inspiration.

Make sure you know your real expectations internally. If you live alone and cook very little, most kitchenette equipment is not necessary. In this case, you will need fridge, microwave, and cooktop. If cooking is something you love to do, and in addition to preparing meals for the family on a daily basis, you need to think carefully about planning to put all your essentials there.

Small kitchenette with island ideas

A kitchen island appears almost in every house, especially if the kitchen is to be separated from the rest of the interior (usually the living room). These products may also improve site performance. This will give you more room to work. If you opt for an island in the form of a shelf, it can be a small pantry.

The kitchenette with island can also be easily separated from the living room. You can keep the same kitchenette on one side and create a unique living room on the other. In addition to the two island kitchenettes, there are two types of flooring. Most kitchenettes are tiled and the living space is made of plastic or wood planks.


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